York Christmas Peppermint Patties

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The packaging for these are really pretty. They taste just like the do any other time of the year- absolutely delicious. If I remember the colors are red, green, and the normal silver packaging.

5 stars

One of my favorite candies to discover Santa has left me in my stocking :) refreshing

3 stars

Never really have been a big fan of York Patties but the first thing I reach for when I'm craving mint, is definitely a bag of these. might just eat the whole thing. ;)

5 stars

MY FRIEND was literally in LOVE wih These. I could just not beleive it. She would get obtuse floor and beg all day for them lol and that's my fiend for you right here

5 stars

I love peppermint and I love chocolate and to gather they are just perfect! It is the grown up version of juniors mints and I loved those as kids. The price is usually good.

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