Triscuit Thin Crisps

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I really like these over the original. It doesn't have a strong flavor and its lighter. I like the change.

5 stars

if you like triscuit flavor but don't love the thickness, try these out, it really is an improvement on the original. I always buy these now (or the minis)

5 stars

These are actually amazingly delicious and more healthy than a lot of chips and crackers out there. They go perfect with some hummus or your favorite dip, and can even be used in wonderful recipes!!! Love them!!!

4 stars

I love these new Thin Crisps because they make eating these crackers like eating chips. The thinner design, triangle shape, crisper texture. I tried chile pepper and really liked the tangy flavor.

5 stars

I'm one of those picky eaters and I love these crackers great part about it is that these small crackers are fulling

5 stars

Made only with fiber-rich whole wheat, soybean and/or palm oil, and salt, these triangle-shaped crackers are more airy than regular Triscuits and many of the more expensive health food–store brands. "You get about twice as many crackers for the same number of calories," says Zied.

5 stars

Whole-grain triangles that are perfect for eating alone or dunking into hummus, dip, or salsa. We dig the Original and the Quattro Formaggio flavors.

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