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These are not my favorite by far but they are cheap. I always hated the houses in Halloween that handed these out. My girls like them. I don't mind them every once in awhile.

5 stars

Tootsie rolls have never been my favorite but I do like melting them and cutting them up to decorate my cupcakes or my homemade cakes.. I recommend them if you like to decorate your baking like I do.

5 stars

I love how soft and chewy these are! There is nothing like a sweet tootsie roll. The lollipops are just as good! Me and my daughter love chowing down on a bag of these! They're a must have! I will buy again!

3 stars

Okay, so they aren't actually chocolate. They are still good. In a pinch.

5 stars

I love these things. Keep a bag in your desk to reward employees or unpaid abused interns. Tasty quick energy and they NEVER spoil.

3 stars

Never have been a fan for Tootsie Rolls and used to dread getting them on Halloween. I don't know if it's my taste buds maturing or simply the fact that I've realized what I've been missing out on. DE-LISH!

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