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5 stars

Perfect morning tea with a dash of cream and sugar. Just perfect for morning classes. One of the better black teas I've had.

4 stars

I'm not a huge coffee fan, so I like this tea for when I need to wake up and need a little energy. I also love the strong bold flavor it has. It's very good!

4 stars

Maybe not the best flavored tea as its a bit bitter but the caffeine is great. It really wakes you up. Goes well with some raw honey.

3 stars

Very acceptable black tea; can't live without it when I run out of loose leaf! The only downside is it seems if I happen to forget about it and it steeps too long it does get a bit burnt-coffee tasting, which is a pain. But if you are keeping an eye on it, it turns out great!

4 stars

One of my favorite breakfast teas. Bold, but not so bold that I can't have it in the evenings on occasion. Similar to Earl Grey.

3 stars

I am a tea junkie and love a lot of the flavored ones and this isnt my favorites but its good with some tea and sugar.

5 stars

This tea is delicious. It is so bold and even though it is classified as a morning tea, I drink it all the time. It is so poignant and delicious, I drink it multiple times a day. I recommend this to anyone who likes bold beverages.

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