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I am going to comment on another bonus.. The shape of the bottles. I know it's not to big of an issue but these bottles are comfortable to hold.. Am I right ?

5 stars

This is the only spring water we buy in bulk. Taste great and the price is also great

5 stars

Consmr donated 20 cases of PurAqua and is hand delivering them to hurricane shelters in the New York City area.

3 stars

This water is overpriced and although high quality, we can't afford water this ridiculously expensive. I'd rather but more generic waters and save my cash. Sorry!!!

3 stars

Less water in bottle sometimes tends to spill when you first open

5 stars

LOVE it!!!It is the best tasting water! I Do wish it also came in a gallon size! I drink only this water all day and it would be nice to have it in the gallon size to be more convenient and use less bottles. Keep up the good work!

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