Prenatal Gummy Vitamins 90-Ct

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Struggling with morning sickness anyways, I always choke on the other vitamins. These are super good. I take 3 though so I get the recommended dose of DHA a day. I recommend these to anyone. Plus! There's no iron which can harm kids if they like to try to take your pills and meds thinking their candy. According to my OBGYN, unless your anemic, iron isn't the most important ingredient in your vitamin! LOVE THESE!

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These prenatal vitamins are the ONLY prenatal vitamins that don't leave me feeling sick to my stomach after eating. There is no iron in these so if you need iron, you'll have to buy another supplement. For the price they're worth every penny.

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Great way to get your prenatal vitamin in. Just like candy! A little more spendy but worth it since most are huge! I know some women get so nauseated taking the regular prenatal vit. So I recommend trying these especially when you're dealing with nausea those first few months!

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Yes. I bought these gummies, because I am a whimp. Well was, at the time of purchase. They have sugar crystals all over and it's chewy. Felt like it was candy and my son kept thinking it was. Now I can swallow pills so in changing over.

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