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Good water, tastes just as good as the other popular brands.

5 stars

Pretty good and refreshing water. It's pretty cheap and it doesn't need any advertising and I see it every where. Has a nice crispy and refreshing taste. It's one of my favorite water.

3 stars

Decent water. I prefer other brands but this isn't the worst out there. There are a few other brands that are less expensive so unless you absolutely love the taste, there are less expensive options.

4 stars

I love it does environmental friendly and taste like water no extra flavors that I can taste. It's fresh water. Lethe price is affordable and I have gotten it on sale.

5 stars

Cheap and just like other waters. Nothing special. Just make sure you don't drink the water in plastic bottles if they were in your automobile during the summer. It's bad for you.

1 stars

Where I live the tap water smells like rotten eggs. I can not drink it. I am not crazy about this water. The price is ok but this is not one perfected brands. You would think all water would taste the same but it doesn't!

2 stars

Filtered local water. That's it. I work in close proximity (and they aren't near the falls!) and from the trucks, I see this water does an incredible business. Yet no advertising. Interesting.

5 stars

Great taste and economically designed bottle make this brand of water one of the better ones. Especially considering the very cheap price. I don't think I've ever had such a good tasting and cheap water as this before

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