Nesquik Chocolate Syrup, 22 oz, 3 pk

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4 stars

I used to love this as a kid and I still do. Great with a tall, cold glass of milk. Yum.

5 stars

I used to use U-Bet for chocolate milk but the corn syrup in U-Bet made me want to find alternatives. Nesquik has no corn syrup and mixes very easily and evenly in cold milk. Delicious and easy!

5 stars

Great for making chocolate milk!! I like that you can control how much chocolate taste it has or how little if you don't like a lot. Its affordable fast and easy to make. I will buy again!

4 stars

My daughter who is not much of a milk drinker loves it with this in it. I guess it is just me but this taste way better then the powdered stuff. This is also good on ice cream.

5 stars

You can place this on anything if you love chocolate. It has been around a while and it's a kids dream but a good parents nightmare! Walmart has it on every end cap !!

5 stars

I love my chocolate milk an this is the very best! I do have to hide it from the kids or else I won't get any of it. Makes the best glass of chocolate milk available!

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