Mike's Premium, Harder Lemonade Malt Beverage

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This mixed this with cranberry juice and frozen inside ice cube trays makes my favorite summertime popsicles :)

4 stars

one Sat afternoon, after drinking 12 cans of this stuff, I took a walk along the boardwalk at the oceanfront of Virginia beach, va. I walked right off of the boardwalk and fell on a big ole woman sunbathing. We wallered around in the sand until I passed out...she called the cops and you know the rest.....

3 stars

As far as malt beverages go this isn't too shabby. Although I think you're better off just mixing lemonade & vodka.

5 stars

These are great drinks to have in the summer. Stick these bad boys in a cooler and your all set for a hot sunny day either at the beach or pool! Lemonade flavor is great and if you love mango try the mike hard mango those taste amazingly tasty will warn you the mango flavor is hard to find. =(

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