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3 stars

I'm usually a camel crush kinda girl but my local food mart was out so I opted for these. They're alright... Stronger than camel crush with less of the menthol kick. Nothing special but are a good price.

1 stars

They have a nasty taste. After smoking my camel silver menthols for so long, these taste and smell like death! I would suggest paying a little bit more and purchase camel crush.

5 stars

I was on camel crush team for a while but recently my fried started smoking these and I tired and loved them. Smoother then Camel Crush but the menthol burst is not as strong. But depends on what you like. I will buy Marlboro NXT and Camel Crush switching them up every now and then.

5 stars

Love 'em. Smooth like Marlboro's and in the click of the filter, instant menthol! Great cigarette! Definitely my favorite.

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