Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls

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I had no idea where they got the name until I saw SNL. Now I can't get enough of schweddy balls.

3 stars

Ok, how come I am the only one on the internet who seems to like this flavor? It has a pleasant base flavor, great texture, and fun little rum balls to boot. I'm not sure the malt balls are necessary and am curious if a double serving of rum balls instead would make people happier. Don't be afraid to try this (if you can find it) -- I want to give it 3.5 stars

2 stars

I promised comfort reviews on this blog from time to time, so what better way is there to kick off those occasional reviews than a post about one of the most comforting, yet fattening foods there are? Yep, it's time for Ben & Jerry's ice cream and since I've been reading about all the so-called controversy over the Schweddy Balls ice cream limited batch offering, I was anxious to head to the store to try this one out. Unfortunately, it took me about two weeks before I could find a store that had this in stock. While at Walmart this past Sunday, I was finally able to find a pint of Schweddy Balls for $3.29. Now, the name of this ice cream is quite sophomoric since it is based on a Saturday Night Live skit, so me sliding in the occasional sophomoric joke into this review will probably be unavoidable. I'll TRY to act like an adult, but there may be an attempt at a joke that bounces in from time to time. Just a word of warning.

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3 stars

I liked this because it reminded me of egg nog and hints of rum. Also loved that malt balls reminded me of Whoppers and were plentiful around the pint.

3 stars

Overall, the flavor works. The rum ballz are nice and chewy, have just the right amount of rum flavoring to please your alcoholic tendencies, and are covered in a pleasant fudge coating. The complementary malt balls are pretty much like whoppers. I don’t really like whoppers that much because they are probably the most underwhelming candy available to the public, but for some odd reason they really tasted pretty yummy with the vanilla ice cream.

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