Aberdeen Farms Hardwood Smoked Sliced Bacon

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I was seduced by the price!! Out of the 16oz pack I would say 14 is pure fat!! Vile, well you get what you pay for I guess....

5 stars

Actually did have this bacon when I went to visit my cousin Vanessa. It was so delicious you have no idea until you try it!!! Well worth it and that's for sure!!!

1 stars

This product is the worst bacon I've ever made or seen. For one thing there is more fat than anything else and it smells terrible when i'm frying it. Not only does the bacon not keep its sliced form while its cooking it tastes terrible to. This is the worst bacon ever and next time I go to the store im gonna make sure I don't ever buy this disuting bacon ever again

1 stars

Is this bacon a joke? Never buy this product unless you are trying to prank a friend. Totally and utterly awful.

1 stars

Tonight we were prepared to have breakfast for supper (omelets and bacon)...I opened up the packaged of Aberdeen Farms bacon (a Gwaltney product) and this is what I found. This is NOT bacon! This is 95% FAT which makes it completely useless and only has one place in our house...the GARBAGE! I bought five packages and want a refund! I would give this a zero but there isn't an option for that.

1 stars

Buyer beware, this product is not edible. Even cooked extra long and using a fork and knife I could not eat this stuff. They are just long chunks ( seriously like 1/4 inch think ) of ham fat. Nothing but fat, gristle, and what appeared to be skin. This is not bacon.

1 stars

Out of 12 ounces of "irregular slices," 8.5 ounces was fat. I will never purchase anything of this brand again.

1 stars

WORST bacon EVER!!! Rename it 90% fat and you will at least be accurate

1 stars

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Just like a reviewer said. This was NOTHING but FAT! What a JOKE! It was a cheap buy at walmart for $2.50. I thought it was just a special price but evidently it's priced by it's worth. I will stick with Hormel

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